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Scottish wife swap couples Real Life Stories

Scottish real life stories

Scottish couple tell about their first wife swap experience !!

After being members for sometime and only every soft swapping we now wanted to go all the way so to speak

But we needed to find Mr & Mrs Right, we logged onto the site and started looking around then Julia ( my wife) noticed Karen & Paul's scottish wife swapping profile and as they only lived just down the road ideal contacts and were looking for friends/ wife swap contacts so we decided to drop them a line.

It didn't take them long to come back to us and wanted to meet for a drink and really see where things go from their, so julia ( my wife) dropped a note to them with our phone number and later that same day Karen phoned and wives had a chat and arranged to meet in the local Saturday night for a drink.

We got to the pub before Karen & Paul but they turned up a few minutes later and pretty near straight away we got on well and knew this they seemed just like the couple we would want to wife swap with, especially after the conversation turned to swinging and they told us about the couples and past experiences that did sound very similar to ours and I could tell from the way julia was that she felt happy with them so I suggested next time they come round to ours!

Saturday soon came round & we were both very nervous as we knew that tonight we "may" full swap for the first time! When Karen & Paul turned up Karen looked amazing a very short dress that showed her massive tits off and from the way Karen was looking at Ian knew she wanted him and I was all up for fun with Paul !!.

We offered them some drinks & the evening soon got to the conversation of swinging and it really seemed like we were so alike that they'd meet some members and even had invites to some scottish key parities LOL although I had to put him right that its "swingers parties" but didn't go as they knew it would lead to full swapping and they didn't want that - least then - smiling back at us.

I dropped into the conversation that we have a hot tub so suggest we go take a dip as it was a nice summers night and for a change pretty warm, julia stripped off down to her knickers and then thought why not and dropped those and everyone stripped off and all got in.

Once in the tub we started touching in the water and Julia was the first to start and moved over to play with Paul's cock and making her site down next to her started to kiss, then Karen moved over towards me and straddled me kissing me.

Karen was french kissing me and pushing herself against me and could feel her fanny rubbing up to my cock and as she was rubbing herself my cock slipped inside her and looking over towards julia she climbed onto Paul and started to fuck him .

It was really odd seeing Julia fucking someone else but also really horny and I could tell from the way she was looking at me that she was enjoying it and having Karen pushing her fanny deep into me and her massive tits I knew it wasn't going to be long before I came inside her it was sheer heaven and with Karen pushing deep into me we came and looking over Julia & Ian also came

we all sat back in the tub but rather than being with our wives we were both still playing with each others wives, and I suggested we got dried off and carried on playing inside which everyone was more than in favour of doing

That was our first wife swap experience & since then have meet up with Karen & Paul a few times and we are now looking to meet other scottish couples

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