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Scottish swingers parties advertised online
Generally swingers parties are arranged and held by swingers to be held in their own home and may consist of just a few couples and maybe a few single girls. Larger parties are often held at swingers clubs or hotels and these normally charge an entrance fee, although singles females may get a discount while single males are often restricted in numbers.

Whether it is a private small party or one of the larger more commercial parties, in Scotland or anywhere in the UK here are a few things to bear in mind and general party etiquette:

  • Check with the party hosts as to the level of activity, especially if you are a bi-male as many straight guys don't like to see this happening, also ask if they want you to bring anything if it is a smaller private party
  • Take your own condoms, lubricants and toys plus towels and a change of clothes for the way home from the party can be a good idea
  • When you get there, especially if it's a larger venue or one of the commercial parties, take a quick tour of the venue so you know where things are and if you are part of a couple that will split up arrange a meeting point for later on
  • Mostly drugs are a no-no and be careful with drink, there's no point getting drunk as no one likes that and you wont be able to perform!
  • If you enter a room and a group are already playing, don't assume you can join in, make your precence known politely and wait to be invited
  • Unless you know the other swingers it is always best to have safe sex, although it is personal choice and many swingers do enjoy barebacking
  • Don't be pushed into doing anything you aren't comfortable with, you are there to enjoy yourself and everyone should respect each others boundaries so NO means no!

One of the big advantages of joining and using the Scottish Swingers 247 online contacts system is the 'Friends Network' & 'Genuine Swingers Tags' which show to others you are an active and friendly swinger and so you should get plenty of party action!

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Now you have more idea of what to expect why not sign up today and either advertise your own party within your profile or on the forums, or see if you can get an invite to one of the ones listed for your Scottish area!

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