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Swinging Advice New to Swinging Help & Advice

swingers help!! Advice!! & Basic Etiquette

Swingers Advice & Etiquette
Are you new to swinging & the swingers lifestyle? if so and your not sure which way you should turn well hopefully some of these tips & basic etiquette tips from Scottish swingers will help

But you have to first ask yourself WHY you are looking at swingers contacts? is it just to spice up the bedroom? maybe kick start a long term relationship or married but one thing it won't do is make a poor marriage better, if you have problems in the bedroom swinging is the last thing you need to be looking towards

Advice for people wanting to get into the Swingers scene .........

Anyone new the scene can be a little worrying at first, but remember swingers won't bite! well not unless you ask then too, the best way forward is to tell members your new and will want to take things slowly and by following basic rules & Etiquette you'll have many years of happy swinging

  • If your NEW !! = don't try to hide your first timers most will see thought it - plus if your looking for non pushy members say so
  • Think about your profile = put some effort into your profile, read what others have posted and make sure you tell people what you want
  • Be Courteous = Treat your swingers like you would be expected to be treated, remember not everyone is confidant & some people could have fears & worries especially if new to swinging - Put a good profile
  • Be Nice & Friendly = you know you don't have to rude! keep it polite and you'll make loads of contacts & friends. If your not interested be polite
  • Reply to messages & Contacting others = if someone takes the time to send a message reply it takes a few seconds to reply to a message, likewise when replying put some effort into it, if you send a message asking for a fuck you know its going to get deleted
  • Don't push it! = you maybe talking in a chatroom or forum but don't push your luck with members
  • photos, photos & more photos = by placing photos into your profile you'll 10x's more likely to get replies likewise make sure the photos are clear. Don't forget as a member you can also lock private photos away so only members you want to view them can

But the rule of thumb for new swingers is to treat others how you wish to be treated then you'll get the respect and make life long friends

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