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Soft swapping !!!! should you?

considering swinging? thinking maybe the soft swapping or soft swaps is an option for you? Its what a lot of couples consider when thinking about swinging for the first or trying wife swapping.

Whether you have been together for months or years is now the time to introduce another couple and are you ready for it? One thing for sure soft swapping WILL ad spice to your lives, but can you handle watching your partner being fucked by a stranger? if so maybe soft swapping is something for you to consider

Soft Swap or Full decide!

for many couples thinking about Scottish swingers website the question should they or soft swap or full swap is not really an issue as most will know even before they start looking, after all you'll know if watching your partner fucking someone else is for you! but for many a soft swap or soft swinging is a great intro to the lifestyle that many couples around Scotland love & enjoy, the issue is be sure you know how far you want to go.

Basic information on Soft Swapping v Full swingers sex

  • Soft Swaps - in a nutshell no actual sexual intercourse been swapping partners and it more "playful" fun taking place between couples & swap partners, how far this goes is worked out and agreed beforehand but in most cases couples will know this long before they meet with email discussions and normally the use of toys, oral sex and kissing goes on at soft swapping first meets maybe if later on you feel more happy with the couple full swapping can happen .
  • Full Swapping - Full Swing - Want to go all the way! sure this is for you? if so as the title suggests this where full sex / swapping happens between couples and could be SRS ( same room sex) or different rooms depending on the situation. Many scottish swinging couples enjoy this totally uninhibited swapping freedom but it doesn't mean they will have sex with just anyone!
  • Other swinging alternatives soft swapping, open swapping & closed swapping, but either way from reading members profiles you will soon find this out

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The key when considering swingers & soft swapping is to make sure everyone knows how far to take things this way you'll have a great time and either partner won't feel as though they've been pushed into something they didn't want to do

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