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Scottish sex contacts website's don't work ....... fat they, don't if you don't put the effort into meeting members and put yourself across well

Occasionally we do get messages from members saying that the site is failing and they are not getting anyone contacting them and more often of not their are some reasons as to why this is happening which in most cases it has nothing to do with site, but everything to do with the member

Why does my swingers personals advert fail ?

  • Its a fare question and whilst we don't offer reviews on profiles and if you look around other members profiles you'll hopefully soon see why your swingers personals advert inst getting the same type of positive responses that other members are getting

    Posted below are some basic tips on what to do when you first join and what needs to do be done when creating a swingers personals advert and by following these tips you should stand a good chance of getting members contacting you and hopefully meet up

    • join up - its free = the first thing you will need to do is join but considering basic membership is free it won't cost you ANYTHING and this inst some time restricted membership, if you want you can stay as a free member for as long as you like
    • Once a member = just complete a basic profile as until you have done this you won't be able to enter the members section, but put some thought behind your username as you won't be able to change that
    • look at what other members are saying = Once your a member you'll be able to read profiles and see what others are saying this will help you when working on your scottish sex personals advert
    • Profile text = this is your chance to sell yourself so you need to not only be honest but give people as much information about yourself as you think is important, but the rule of thumb is more is better
    • photos = scottish people join up so they can read members profiles but also see photos so if your serious about meeting with scottish sex personals post up some photos otherwise if you don't members will just assume your a time waster
    • Get involved ! = thats right we have chatroom's, blogs & forums that are all great ways for you to chat and get involved with the members and the more you get involved the more chance you will have of meeting up with others

    By following these basic tips you'll not only find the site a great place to meet up and talk with other horny scottish but find local contacts

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