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welcome to Scottish Personals 24/7 .....................

Looking for Free Personals contacts!
in that case look no further as we are the largest Scottish Personals & adult sex contacts website online with thousands of adverts from members in Scotland

And like many of the other personals websites we offer free memberships! yep, its completely free no catches, honest ;o) well their is only one you won't have full access to all the great features paid members have, like advanced searching or large member personals photos plus a load of other features that really make paying to join if you want to use and enjoy the site a must

But what the scottish free personals access will give you is some idea of what members get and also you'll be able to see what all our horny scottish members look like although you won't have access to large member photos

To help you get the best out of this scottish personals site I've posted a few tips on posting an ad so hopefully you'll get loads of horny scottish members contacting you and FAST

Putting a great profile online is easy as 1,2, 3 !!

Getting your personals ad right is important so rather than rushing into it once a members read what others are saying that will give you basic ideas - also follow these tips :

  • Photos - a profile / personals advert with a photo with get a lot more interested than one without, and many members view people that don't post photos as no serious. If your shy and don't want to show your face then fine crop it out and just do a photo from the next downwards but if you can post a photo in the personals ad its well worth it
  • Personal Headings - After your photos the next thing a members will look at is your heading / title so posting" wanna meet for fun" isn't going to pull much but " Aberdeen female swingers looking for couples" will so put some thoughts into your personals headings
  • Description - I've lost count the amount of times I've seen ads with just two lines of text, normally from scottish male swingers but if you want people to contact you really need to put a little effort into this and tell people what you are looking for and what your NOT after

By following these basic tips when working on your scottish profile & personals advert you'll soon have members contacting you wanting to meet up, so hit the banner below and start meeting with scottish swingers all around Scotland

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