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Real life dogging stories around Scotland

My first dogging oral sex ....real stories from dogging couples in Scotland - I really don’t know how we got into the Scotland cuckold scene and I suppose it was after our first meet that kinda kick started the whole cuckold thing and now I’ve got myself a very well trained cuckold partner, although he’s no sissy cuckold and his idea of cuckold is about one thing alone that’s seeing me get a good seeing too….

Read our story about how going dogging got us into cuckold dogging sex ….This only happened two mouths ago, but since then I’ve been fucked by a few horny males and if you like this story and my profile photos drop me a line especially if your 8” plus

It started when we were having a drink one night and started checking some online porn and found this dogging website and one of the models was having sex with 4 guys…”I could do better than that” lol…famous last words

The next weekend I was just about to open another bottle of wine when my husband stops me” ummm you better not drink that we are heading out” looking a bit shocked, he then tells me he joined a Scottish sex contacts website and posted my details asking for group dogging sex and it got a VERY positive response…It was then he tells me that he posted the profile as me and that  I’m meeting 4 guys for oral sex …ONLY and I’m going to be present but the guys won’t know I’m your husband …LOL

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After he tells me and show me the forum details I knew then he wasn’t joking and knew this was going to really happen. I shot upstairs and pulled on a little summer skirt ( I wouldn’t do this during the winter) and return back downstairs my husband pulls my skirt up “ you won’t be needing these” and pulls my knickers off. It was a good job we had two cars and a van and I headed off in the van and he followed a little way behind in his car

Pulling into the car park there were two cars parked and then my husband turned up and another two cars…Parking up I reversed the van so it was facing away from the road side and getting out walked around and pretended that I knew all of the guys from there photos   

“hi, guys, right you all up for some fun”

With that got the answer I wanted so opened the back of the van and taking a look around already most of the guys had health bulges and looking at some of them I could see just why my husband had picked them as they weren’t what you would class as small!!! I reminded them what was on offer and that was oral sex only and they were all happy…

”but as I love flashing in public, he’s something for you to wank over and with that pulled my skirt off and I was standing in the car park naked”

Walking towards the van they all followed including my husband although no one knew that was my old man and laying back into the van I started to rub my pussy and play with my rock hard nipples .....Laying back in the van I opened my legs wide so they could see my pussy and watching there faces looked like all of them were on the edge of cuming and it was pretty clear that with me playing with my pussy had the desired effect and with them all now masturbating I moved down the van and placing a rug on the floor knelt down and waited for my first cock cum load ….

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